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You Have The Audience, I Have The Entertainment
If you are a venue interested in hosting a show ...

Mel O’Drama Theater is unlike any other murder mystery dinner show or theater company you may find elsewhere. We bring the show to your location. We are in the business of entertaining your guests, and ours! We believe in fun entertainment, that the entire family can enjoy (no profanity or body-functions jokes). Our focus is not on the gore, but on the comedy. But, be mindful, we want you to be laughing so hard you could just die!

Mel O’Drama Theater will provide:

Prior To Show Date, MOD will:

* Provide poster images for your location that you can print off.
* List ticket sales on
* Include your venue in MOD newsletter going out to over 2,300 past show enthusiasts.
* Include your venue in all Internet listings /advertising.
* Provide Social media MOD listings on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, info posted on

Night of Show, MOD will provide:
* Actors
* “Who Done It” slips, ink pens, clues,
* Funny money for bribing
* Photos of audience members,
* Collection e mail addresses,
* Prize to first person who correctly solves that night's Murder Mystery.

Email addresses and photos will be used for MOD purposes, and shared with facility only-lists are not sold or shared with others.

Your Location will provide:

Prior To Show Date:
* Hang posters thru out your establishment.
* Accept ticket sales, for your location.
* Place info on your listings of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and business website.
* Share show info with customers, contacts or provide info for press releases or any other ways to communicate this event to the general public.
* Provide MOD your menu for the show's dinner
* Does your establishment have wine available for purchase, BYOB or dry event?
* Price of tickets? Tax?

Night of Show:
* Room for private dining of your dinner show guests.
* Tables/chairs set up--reserved seating or first come is up to you and what works best for your location.
* You are welcome to decorate your facility in the theme of the evening's show.
* Details for creating ambiance is encouraged. We want to create a memory making event!
* Fine dining that only you can provide, along with your wonderful wait staff.

MOD charges per guest: Guarantee of $1,000 to cover show costs: $20 per person, 50 people minimum. Please keep MOD informed of ticket sales. Should your first show not have 50 attending, that is OK, but second show and beyond need to be guaranteed. As shows build and attendance goes over 50 we shall split profits, $20 per ticket to MOD, remainder to hosting establishment.

  • 1/3 deposit to secures your show date, images of posters in a variety of sizes will be emailed to you. Amount due: $333.00
  • 1/3 is once your show is 60% sold, or two weeks prior to show date. Amount due: $333.00
  • 1/3 final payment due on show date, less ticket money being sent from, final tally will be determined show night.


Date Of Show:__________________ Doors Open:________________________

Venue Name/Address/ Phone:____________________________________________



Email/web site:__________________________________________________________

Number of guests that can fill facilities room being provided:__________

By signing this contract a date has been agreed upon, and deposit is being made.

Mel O’Drama Representative:______________________________________________

Event Location Representative: _____________________________________________