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Coming November-December 2015

Cousin Cleetus' Country Christmas

A Musical Comedy Dinner Show -- Written By Curtis Reed

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the trailer…

Cousin Cleetus and Family were startin to holler

The children each had lists 'bout a mile

but from their behavior should be receivin' coal in piles

"Dag nabbit you fool!" said mama in her shower cap

"Git out and grab the gifts at Walmart and stop bein' a sap!"

So off Cleetus did run, his truck did clatter

at Walmart bumped into Cousin Duke “askin what's the matter?”

"I got's to git the gifts and make sure Christmas is swell!"

Duke was just happy to be out of his jail cell.

He had been locked up from sticky fingers and such

and now his plan was to steal Christmas from his Cuz.

While Cleetus wasn't lookin, Duke nabbed all the loot

and when Cleetus returned empty handed, mama gave him the boot.

"You good fer nothin fool!" she ranted and raved

"At this rate you'll all send me to an early grave!"

Will Cleetus be able to save Christmas this year?

Will Santa "get lost" again or Grandma trampled by deer?

Will the children find the true meaning of what Christmas is about?

Will Duke change his ways or keep stealing with clout?

Come see our hap-hazard family as they sing and they jest

and find out exactly what makes Christmas the Best!