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Death By Drumstick

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Mel O’Drama Theater presents Death by Drumstick, an original musical murder mystery comedy written and directed by California-based musician and playwright, Doug York.

Set in Music City in the 1960's, wannabe rock musician, John Lemon is competing in the Biggest Battle of the Bands on the Planet, where the winner receives a contract with Gunshot Records, a label that promises to take the group to the top. Backstage, Meiko, a groovy groupie, falls hopelessly in love with Biff Bam Bam, a man from the record label coming today from Hollywood to run the contest. John's autographed drumsticks become a gambit envied by his drummer, Blingo Bongo, who has a secret plan of his own, vying for his own gold record deal and despising John and his groupie. John has major plans for his band but the contest goes south when the prized drumstick ends up missing and pandemonium ensues when someone ends up dead.

The time is right for comic murder mystery. Who will kill and who will be the victim? Sheriff Pinkerton arrives to question one and all to help solve the hilarious whodunnit set to music featuring popular classic rock songs performed by a live musician and dances from the 60's. Audience members are encouraged to wear hippie clothes and enjoy an evening of zany, delicious fun as they interact with a fun local cast in this musical murder mystery dinner theater comedy. Playing in various venues in and around Nashville.

Show Locations
- Dick's Last Resort: 8/1, 9/5, 10/3
- Dave & Busters: 8/22, 9/19, 10/17
- Bell Buckle Banquet Hall: 8/8
- The Looking Glass: 8/9
For complete details please go to TICKET PAGE.