The Hatfield-McCoy Wedding Reception

April - July, 2015

Written & Directed By: Curtis Reed

Come celebrate the wedding of our precious daughter

Tammy Mae Wynonna Lynn Patsy Reba Faye Loretta Dolly McCoy

She will be wedded to Troy Hatfield, Budd Hicks or Leroy Manichevitz.
We're just not sure which one just yet, but one of them is responsible!

Tammy's, cousin & BFF, will be her maid of honor-you remember her:
Amy Lou McCoy, she does mean well, although her big mouth usually gets her
(and those around her) in trouble, but she's family and we love her.

We have hired the best DJ around for this event! Our nephew, Archie Scribbles.
Now he tries to be "hood" because he thinks that's what all the good DJs do,
but this family is all about country, and we don't allow such nonsense!

So we hope ya'll will join us on the very special occasion,


Parents of the Bride
Vince & Peggy Sue Rae McCoy