Cousin Cleetus' Country Christmas

November - December, 2015

Written & Arranged By Curtis Reed

Directed By: Ann Gwinn

Cousin Cleetus' Country Christmas from Danny Proctor on Vimeo.

Cousin Cleetus is dumber than a box of rocks. Along comes sticky fingers' cousin, Duke McCoy,

who throws a twist into Christmas by stealing all the presents in order to provide for his love, Barbara Gene,

and you add a level of zany.

Then you bring in the kids, Besty Rae Sue, Billy Bob, Irma Gene Rae--greedy bunch of little buggers,

the entire lot of them and this outlandish family sandwich gets out of hand. But it's the matriarch

of the family, Mama, who is truly the glue that holds this crazy family all together!

Sprinkle in two Grandparents who drink way too much and have outlandish ailments,

and it's a recipe for a fun-filled family holiday, sure to please young and old alike.

Enjoy festive holiday music in this show!

"You have the audience, I have the entertainment!"

Mel Roady