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January thru April 2015 - Will to Deceive

Will to Deceive

Written & Directed By: Thomas Mac


Gathering for their annual celebration, this group expects nothing more than to enjoy outstanding food, drinks and laughter. Tonight’s special occasion will include the reading of the will of the late estate holder, Charlotte Monture’. But at the last minute the butler announces the will is missing!

Who stole the will? Who has anything to gain from its loss? Could it be:

THE BUTLER (Sheldon Kahan)

The only one who seems to have any sense and is in charge.

MAYOR ELLIS, (Perry Posten)

Mayor of this southern town, and has been for 15 years. Some may say he is very stern and angry and has a choice of words that seems to always hurt everyone listening.

GLORIA VELMA, (Arikah Nash)

Aspiring actress, desiring to make it big in the spotlight. She is only popular in her own mind. Her lifetime goal is to end up wealthy and happy by any means necessary.

MS. SPICKETTS, (Lanie Sasser)

Land Owner, Old fashioned farmer--by heart and by trade. Simply put, she thrives to grow the best produce and fruit around.


He just inherited the mansion... or did he? Very smooth, debonair socialite and new employer of the butler, who came with the mansion.


Lead detective of the homicide division. Very clever with his words and gestures, he never fails to solve any mystery at hand.

Who will be accused of the theft of the will on this night. Even more importantly, whose secrets will the detective uncover in this burglary investigation. . . Could it be yours???