Star Truck: The Wrath of Comic-Con

August - October, 2015

Written By: Scott Cherney

Directed By: Andy Johnson


Welcome to the Imaginacon Comic Book Convention.

This year features a tribute to the one and only Wilson Chadwich aka Captain James T. Kork of the Star Freighter Innerthighs, star of the cult classic TV show, Star Truck. Who becomes the murder victim, supposedly killed by a convention goer in an alien suit, who shoots the victim with a toy ray gun...or is it?

Dewey Osgood - Organizer and host of Imaginacon, geek extraordinaire and proud of it, finds himself in the unenviable position of solving the murder, though he discovers his inner super-hero as a result.

Also attending this momentous event are stars from the series:

Jean Roddenreel - Widow of Star Truck creator/producer Dean Roddenreel

Leon Portnow - The inimitable Mr. Spark, forever type-cast as first officer of the Innerthighs

Carrie Fishwich - Longtime nemesis of Chadwick, co-star of rival franchise Star Boars.

Alien - Supposed Star Truck fan who may or may not be of this world.

This is our Halloween season show-guests are welcome to dress in their favorite Star Trek attire, or what ever they want to become!

"You have the audience, I have the entertainment!"

Mel Roady