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You Have The Audience, I Have The Entertainment
Chances are, if you have performed, worked in, or even simply experienced seeing a local stage production, you may have had the pleasure of experiencing Melanie Roady’s work. Roady is certainly no stranger to the middle Tennessee theater community. She has been an active member of numerous local productions, both on the stage and behind it, for years. In 2007, Roady decided to take her love of the theater to a whole new level by opening her own theater company, appropriately named Mel O’Drama.

Roady cites passion as her reasoning behind the decision to start her own company. “Passion for the actors who want to act and passion for the patrons who want to watch. I am the one who puts the two together. That’s what I like to do. That is my passion.”

Melanie doesn’t consider Mel O’Drama a "community theater" because we (perform in) so many different communities. Typically, community theaters apply for grants to fund or partially fund their productions. Roady’s financial backing for Mel O’Drama is provided by "just me, myself and I," she says, along with some very good friends (and strangers) who purchase tickets.

Also, unlike other community theater groups, Mel O’Drama does not cater to one specific genre. “Variety is the spice of life my friends!” she proclaims. "I do murder mystery dinner shows, but I also do full-length productions." And recently, Roady has started booking musicians and bands for local and regional area events. "I love live music and I have a pool of musicians who love what they do."

What truly sets Mel O’Drama apart from other theater companies in middle Tennessee is that they come to you! She takes the show on the road to a variety of locations. All of this is done so audiences can have more choices for the type of live show experience they are seeking.

VISIT OUR CURRENT SHOWS page on this site to see what's going on and choose a location that suits you best, with a price range that is most affordable for you. You can choose to see a show at a venue that sells alcohol, allows guest to BYOB (bring your own beverages) or prohibits alcohol of any kind.


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