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You Have The Audience, I Have The Entertainment

Change is Good!!

Melanie Roady

of Mel O'Drama Theater

It's with great honor that I announce

that I have accepted the position of

Executive Producer at

Events On 3rd

209 Printers Alley

Nashville, TN 37201

What does this mean for you?

Theatre and other forms of upscale professional entertainment at this fantastic location, where you can proudly bring your group when in visiting downtown Nashville.

Featuring private mezzanine seating for up to

40 of your guests with their own private wait staff,

and beverage service access.

Larger groups main floor seating for 80,

entire space 150.

Events On Third is located in downtown Nashville,

but event better than that,

it's also located in

Historic Printers Alley

Need space larger than seating for 150? Just watch us grow!

Three upper floors and roof top will be going thru major renovations starting in 2016.

Talk with us about booking your future conventions with us

Boutique Hotels will be built on Printers Alley

Additional hotels being built in this same area