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Cousin Cleetus' Country Christmas will debut at Events On Third, 209 3rd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201 from Nov. 19th- Dec. 31st and we need talented actor/ singers! Rehearsals will start Oct 19th and run through Nov. 18th during the day Monday through Friday. Performance dates will be Thursday through Sat/ Sun depending on the week. Most weeks will have a minimum of 4 shows a week: A matinee and evening show on Thursday, an evening show on Friday and an evening show on Saturday, with a matinee show on alternating Sundays. There is the potential for added performances during the week as we get closer to the Christmas holiday, adding performances on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Pay is $125 during the rehearsal period. Performance pay is $50 per show. with a minimum of 4 shows per week, your weekly show pay should not be any lower than $200 a week, with the potential for more should we add shows during the run. There will be a performance on New Years Eve. All actors MUST be available for ALL scheduled and prospective performance dates.

Character Breakdown:


(40's/50's) strong Alto/ Mezzo Soprano with Belt. Is a hard, stern woman, but has a soft spot for her children and Cleetus, her husband, even though he can strike a nerve more than once at any given time. Is trying to get everything perfect for Christmas Day.

Cousin Cleetus

(40's/50s) Strong Bari-Tenor. Is the epitome of Redneck, but has a heart of gold. If only he used his head for more than a place to put his hat. He means well, but gets into trouble often. Can be too trusting at times but would do anything for Mama and the kids.

Betsy Rae Sue

(Teens/ 20's) Will play a 6 yr old girl. Strong Soprano. Betsy Rae Sue is the youngest of the Cleetus Clan. She talks with a lisp, and is like any other wide-eyed 6 yr old girl...... with a honey boo boo twist. She get's along with her Brother and Sister well, although it may take some time for her to focus.

Billy Bob

(Teens/ 20's-30's) Will play a 12 yr old boy. Strong Tenor. Billy Bob is the middle child and only son of Mama and Cleetus. He tends to the stuck between a rock and hard place when it comes to his two sisters. Always trying to appease everyone while at the same time trying to find himself. Like any other 12 yr. old boy, he is coming into puberty so every now and then his voice will squeak. Think Linus from the Peanuts with a heavy country accent and a squeak.

Irma Gene Rae

(20's/ 30's) Will play a 17 yr old girl. Strong Alto Belt. Irma Gene Rae is the oldest child and the most..... er...... developed lets say. Like a young, buxom Dolly Parton, she is bouncy, flouncy, and full of sass. As much as she would like to leave her family behind and become a country music star, she still loves her family and would do anything to keep them together. She is for lack of a better term, the brains of the family, under Mama of course. Very much the voice of reason even though she can be a bit of an airhead at times.

Duke McCoy

(20's-40's) Strong Bari-tenor. is the vindictive cousin to Cleetus. Duke has been in jail more times than he has put on clean underwear, but he is cunning and quick. He likes to use his family to get what he wants, and that includes his Cousin Cleetus, especially since Cleetus tends to be simple-minded.

Barbara Gene

(20's-40's) Strong Alto Belt. Barbara Gene is the on again off again girlfriend of Duke McCoy. She is much smarter than she acts. She uses her sex appeal to get what she wants. She has no intention of marrying Duke, but dangles it over his head to manipulate him. Think Anna Nicole Smith and Karen Walker from Will & Grace had a love child: Barbara Gene.


(50's-70's) Soprano/ Mezzo Soprano. Grandma loves her kin, but really is just there for the food and for a nice long nap. Don't let her age fool you though, one sip of moon shine and she can cut a rug like no other. She is a feisty little one if she is tested.


(50's-70's) Baritone. Grandpa can't hear, can't see, and that is just how Grandma likes it. He is a bit senile, which makes for quite humorous outbursts. He can cut a rug too, but not as good as Grandma. Grandpa also doubles as Santa Claus.

For Audition Sign Ups, please visit this link:

Remember to prepare a 32 bar cut of a Comedic Broadway Song or a Christmas Song that showcases your range. Please bring a backing track as accompaniment will not be provided.

Auditions will be held at Events On 3rd in downtown Nashville. Please use the Printer's Alley entrance when coming to auditions, unless you need handicap access, in which case, use the 3rd Ave entrance. Free parking is available at the library. There are also paid parking garages on either side of the venue. Please be sure to pay for at least up to 3pm on audition days as there is a tendency for cars to be booted if they exceed their parking time.